As our city-kid dreams become reality and our farm takes shape, we are pleased to pass on to you the same high standards we have for our family. We work hard to provide a humane, clean, and well-tended environment in which to raise our animals so we know we are feeding our family the best, improving the soil, and treating our animals well in the process. Our animals are antibiotic and hormone free.

pigTHE PIG PROJECT  We are happy to bring back our Heritage Breed pigs this year and what we affectionately call the PIG PROJECT. Sold in either half or whole hogs, our pigs are raised in the grass and sunshine (doing all the piggy things pigs like to do), professionally butchered and packaged to your specifications.


farm-fresh-eggsCAGE-FREE EGGI’m terrible at actually containing our chickens in their run so many of them spend much time roosting in my pine tree, scattering the mulch in my flower bed, & making a mess on my patio. We have fresh, cage-free eggs in the loveliest shades of green, brown, white & speckled because we all know eggs taste better when they’re pretty.

pasture-turkeyCHARLIE’S TURKEYS  We’re excited to sit down to thanksgiving dinner this fall to one of Charlie’s pasture fed, broad breasted bronze turkeys. 2017 processing date is expected to be the last week of September.



chicken-tractorMEAT BIRDS  Pastured broiler chicken will be available throughout the summer. We grow out all our birds on pasture in their very own chicken tractor. Each day they get fresh grass to forage giving them the cleanest and most nutritious environment possible and enriching the soil along the way.


calves-on-pasture2GRASS-FED BEEF  The barn readied, water lines run, fencing and gates set, cows growing in the pasture! Grass-fed beef coming soon!





  • Feed and all associated raising costs
  • Periodic updates and pics (follow @citykidfarmgirl on insta)
  • Transportation to the butcher
  • Fees for professional butchering at state inspected facility
  • Cut and packaged according to your specifications (pork only)
  • Family-run, small farm raised, clean meat
  • Local delivery

RAISE ONE TO GIVE  As a way to honor Steve’s Grandma Ruth who spent a well-lived life loving and feeding people, we dream of raising an extra animal to give to the local food pantry or families in need. If you share that same dream and would like to donate to our RAISE ONE TO GIVE project, please contact Analisa at

email for more information

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