2.20.17–preparing for chicks

In January we planned our farm goals and from that scheduled out the projects we hoped to tackle in 2017. As we continue to build the farm infrastructure, we are looking at projects that will make our work easier and more efficient. We've placed each project on the calendar, timing planned so each will be … Continue reading 2.20.17–preparing for chicks


Monday 2.14.17

What a pleasure to spend time in the barn... doing a little picking up (I think I picked up a million yards of red twine cut from the hay bales used to feed the cows), trouble shooting a problematic chicken watering system (it's probably time to scrap this system and try a different method next … Continue reading Monday 2.14.17

pigs, chickens and turkeys…

...oh, my! We are pleased to offer heritage breed, pasture-raised freezer pork again in 2017! But the good news... (is there better news than bacon?) ...we are terribly excited to add broiler chickens and thanksgiving turkeys... also raised with the same attention to quality, compassion for the animals, and stewardship of the land that we give … Continue reading pigs, chickens and turkeys…

10.18.16 — losing our calf

My little sick calf No 31 didn't make it through the night. And all the pigs have been taken to the butcher. The barnyard seems lonely, deserted. Even with the three remaining calves that follow me around like puppies (I wonder what that will be like when they are full grown), our 40-some laying hens, … Continue reading 10.18.16 — losing our calf