I’m Analisa—a  city-kid who followed her husband and a dream to a small, historic farm in the hill country of Champaign County, Ohio.

My passion to create sometimes drives me to extremes… like selling a perfectly good suburban home to buy an old farmhouse complete with bats in the attic and a tumble-down barn. I enjoy making “something out of nothing” so to speak. I write, design hand-bound journals, give new life to rescued furniture, and restore our 1850’s farm house.

A welcoming and unique homestead is my greatest creative passion—one filled with lots of kids, too many dogs,  squeaky old floors,  just enough barn cats to make me the “cat lady”, a quilt on the barn door, and chickens that refuse to stay in their run.

Hubby and I dream of retiring to raise our own food, feed some people along the way, and restore our 1850’s home.

An interesting prospect for two city-kids.

Until then, we are weekend farmers, learning the art and science of homesteading on our little property at the top of the hill, one mistake, and success, at a time.

We call it Cable Hill Farm.


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