In January we planned our farm goals and from that scheduled out the projects we hoped to tackle in 2017. As we continue to build the farm infrastructure, we are looking at projects that will make our work easier and more efficient. We’ve placed each project on the calendar, timing planned so each will be completed in time for the arrival of the animals that need them. Lord willing.

My new flock of layers is scheduled to come next week. So today we cleaned up the barn, cleaned out the old brooder, and built a second larger brooder that will better accommodate turkeys and larger numbers of chicks. 

I pulled out the chick feeder and waterers and cleaned them up,  leaving them to dry in the sun on the large rocks in the courtyard. Of course all of this was made more pleasant by the mild temperatures and bits of sunshine. And the cows kept us company, chewing their cud and watching us work around the barn.
All that remains to be done is to hang the heat lamps and add the wood chips then our preparations for the arrival of the first batch of chicks will be complete.

Our February progress:

  • Clean up the barn: check
  • Clean up brooder: check
  • Build second brooder: check
  • Hang feed scale: in progress
  • Preparations for arrival of chicks: in progress

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