A little worried tonight about one of our calves. He has scours (diarrhea). So we’re watching him closely and doing our research and praying for health for this little guy. He represents a big investment in our farm financially and he is a life that has been entrusted to us so we feel responsible to be sure he is healthy and  well cared for as long he is with us.

And it just so happens that the Old Man will be unavailable for the most part next week due to his day job, so I’ll be the one with the eyes and ears on the problem and who is responsible for taking things to the next step, if needed. Which is tricky for this citykid because I’m not even sure what the next step would be.


2 thoughts on “10.9.16 — calf with scours

  1. I believe the next step may include a “bolus gun.”
    Right after they were born we (ok, my husband) used to give our calves a pill to help prevent scours. He stopped doing it for some reason – I don’t recall why (maybe because it’s just so hard to give it to them). We still have the stuff on hand in case we need it though.


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