It’s been a few weeks since my last nightly update. I hope to get back on schedule. So for now, a quick update on the last two weeks.

This farmgirl spent two nights and three days in a big city for a conference. I had a blast getting away with one of my girlfriends, but I learned that my citykid side gets homesick for the farm real quick–especially after learning that she couldn’t afford the Uber driver to get her downtown and she’d have to actually drive herself. In an unknown city. Way far away from home. On a freshly paved freeway with no lane markings at night. Where the drivers get angry and the parking garages just don’t make much sense. Oh what joy to come home where the traffic jams are only 5 cars deep and my biggest stress is passing a tractor pulling a hay rake on a two lane country road. Where cows moo and kittens are fuzzy and roosters crow and the eggs are real and the water smells like iron and the neighbors wave when you drive by.

When I wasn’t off visiting far away places the boys and I loaded up 5 of the pigs and took them to the butcher. Loading them up wasn’t too bad. We had been feeding them in the trailer for a couple of days so they had some practice using the ramp. Getting them off the trailer was another story. But we got some help from the awesome folks at the butcher and learned a few more tricks in moving pigs. Namely, how to get them to exit a livestock trailer.

Today the Old Man and I picked up the finished product and made our deliveries. Let me tell you, we had so much fun packing up all the orders, filling the coolers, and dropping them off. What a blessing to be able to share what God has allowed us to work for and know that we are passing on the very best product we can…. pasture raised, hormone and antibiotic free, heritage pork. These piggies wallowed in the mud, frolicked in the sprinkler, rooted up the pasture, cleaned up our table scraps, and never knew a stressful day. And sharing that with family and friends makes all the hard work worth it.


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