The Boy was happy to load up his turkeys in our old dog crate and send them off to the butcher. He’s the boss at wrangling large birds. Fearless and calm. Somehow he knows how to separate one out from the rest and wrap his arms around the chest down over the wings and across the legs. Some things can’t be taught. And if it weren’t for him I would have come up with some concocted plan that involved herding the birds through the open door and into the crate and feathers flying in all directions.

Tomorrow we pick up the finished birds and find out how much they weigh. This year we learned that around here reservations for bird processing fill up quickly. Call early and plan to have your birds finished out to the desired weight BEFORE the processor closes up shop for the season. Things that will be helpful to remember next year.

All in all we found turkeys to be a fairly easy bird to raise. The chicken tractors worked great for keeping them on pasture and we really had no problems showing them to the water and feeders and moving the tractor each day, considering their reputation for being stupid and all.

Another set of animals raised and harvested and another product that is responsibly raised, clean, and local. Nice.


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