calves on pasture.jpgSunday we added two extra lines to the electric and sent all the calves back out to the pasture. They were able to get used to each other while in the barnyard and are doing just fine together on the pasture now. No bolting, no chasing down a scared calf, no 4-wheeler rides through the woods and across two properties, no jumping off the four wheeler or tackling. I’ll call that a good day.

The Old Man and his Dad moved the pig feeder into the pig pasture. After the flooding of the pig pen a few weeks back it was nearly stuck  in the mud. It took the truck and some chain to get it to dryer ground but we moved it just far enough and it was blocking the gate between the pig pen and the pasture. We need to be able to close that gate to separate which pigs are going to the processor first and which are staying for a few more weeks. Thankfully the mud wasn’t an issue and the two of them were able to move it without the truck. It does pay to have another man around who can help with the heavy lifting. I make a terrible helper in those instances.

Today we didn’t get much actual work done (due to a commitment in the morning that kept us busy until mid afternon), but we were able to run some errands and prepare for our next task which is to build the ramp for the pigs to walk into the trailer. Not a big project but I’ve learned the first rule of farming is this: everything takes three times as long as you think it should.

At least for this citykid that how it seems to shake out.

So we’re getting close to finishing out the season and our projects are coming to a close. What we have left:

  • Build the chute for the trailer
  • Load and transport the pigs (2 trips)
  • Take the turkeys to the processor
  • Run the electric to the cow’s water tank for the deicer
  • Set up the winter water system for the chickens (purchase new pump)
  • Basic clean up of tools and supplies in the barn

We’re gonna sleep good (and eat good) this winter. No doubt it won’t take long before the planning and preparations for the spring to begin.


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