The calves are still confined to the barnyard so today I thought I’d give them a treat.

Let’s be honest, every time I’m out with the cows I’m looking for some choice piece of grass or clover to bring them. They seem to have grown to like eating out of my hand and getting a good scratching in the process.

The big guy was already mooing and waiting for me when I got to the barn. I’m not totally sure what he was thinking but stuck his head through the gate and proceed to tip his head back and up and got himself good and stuck in the gate with his nose pointed in the air.

Now the Old Man’s at work and I can see the cow’s getting a bit agitated. I put my treat away cause I figure that’s his primary motive for getting as close to me as possible. Then I take a deep breath and step back once. Twice. Three times. And wait.

At this point he relaxes and I wonder just how to explain to a cow that if he’d just bring his nose back down to a normal position his head would slide right back out of the gate.

So I take one more step back and consider high tailing it to the neighbors who have some experience with these sorts of things and might be a vaulable help to a citykid in need.

At which point he lowers his nose and steps back out of the gate.

Crisis averted.


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