Good news. I stocked up on mouse traps and the Old Man set 16 traps upstairs (he’s the bomb at choosing the most strategic places to set them) and we caught that mouse the first night! I never know when we’re setting traps to hope for a mouse or  not.

Oh. And a helpful farmhouse tip I learned last year: buy your traps early in the season or you’ll make that desperate trip to the store and end up coming home with sticky traps cause they’re all out of the snap traps. And the thing about those sticky traps is this: they work great but you now have a live (LIVE I tell ya) mouse stuck to a piece of super sticky piece of plastic in your house. Not my favorite.

These last few days we’ve been trying to finish up some odds and ends with the wiring on the barn. We had some work done on the truck (needed new breaks–we definitely want those breaks in top notch shape when we go to haul those pigs!).

metal frame farm house bed.jpgWe took advantage of some sales and bought a new bed frame that honors the style of our farmhouse–plus a new mattress which keeps us from waking up crippled in the morning. It’s a win, win!

We have a couple of days off to finish up the barn wiring and then the next project is to build a chute to load the pigs onto the trailer. We are less than three weeks out from taking the first set to the processor!


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