Tonight I had a lengthy internal debate over what day of the week it is (I decided on Friday).

As we put in place the infrastructure of our little farm, my daily chores become lighter and less frequent. Large barrels of water need only be checked daily and filled weekly (except now that the piggies are getting bigger I fill their water every other day). And with the water spigots strategically placed it takes but a few minutes. Feed for the pigs gets filled by the Old Man every 3-4 days and the chickens small feeder gets a few scoops every other day or so. The cows? Well, I just let the pasture do the work of feeding them.

Which means I can spend that extra time and energy elsewhere. Homeschool  accounts for the bulk of our day. But there is time to get some extra cleaning and organizing done. And my favorite–furniture rearranging combined with a nice deep cleaning!

After our school work today I got lost in swapping out some furniture and cleaning behind the cabinets, dusting and shifting items and started planning (internal dialogue again) where to put the Christmas tree this year (shhh! don’t tell). Which is why I forgot about dinner and I can’t get it straight what day it is.

Friday. Today’s Friday.

P.S. Quite a bit of “chirping” from the turkeys still today so I kept a close eye on them to be sure they figured out the feed and water. About mid-day I noticed they are eating and drinking and have quieted down. I seriously think it took them a few days to figure it out even though we moved the feeder and waterer from the coop into the tractor with them.


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