September 1st and finally a change in the air. I adore this time of year. Today we talked about all that we’ve been able to accomplish here with the help and support of our family and friends. We’ve demolished one barn and built another in its place, run water and electric to it, added drainage tile and built the barnyard, built a chicken coop and brooder and tractor for the pasture. Fenced in pasture for the pigs and a separate paddock for the calves. Added two cows (soon to be four), nearly raised out 12 pigs, 23 meat birds and waiting for the 6 turkeys to grow. And purchased a livestock trailer. None of which we would have been able to do on our own and without the support of our family and friends!! (I can’t stress that last point to much.)

And we wonder if it might be enough to get us through for quite some time without any major, large scale projects for several years. Not that we don’t have plans for a few more things (like fully fencing the pasture and a hay barn up in the hill) but they can wait till much later down the road. We hope what we have in place will serve us well for quite some time.

There are some little odds and ends projects we’d loke to complete (like removing some dead trees and stumps, putting in a retaining wall along the north side of the driveway, and building a trellis over the chicken run to keep them from hoping the fence). But those are small projects we can do when time and money and inspiration permit.

And then there are a million little things (and a few large) to do on the house. But that’s an entirely different story altogether.

P.S. The turkeys are still quite noisey.


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