livestock trailer.jpgToday I don’t even know what happened. But it was 12 hours of crazy.

We drove 1 1/2 hours to look at a livestock trailer because it was the only possibility that was somewhat affordable in the tri-county area.

We bought said trailer and drove 1 1/2 hours home.

We drove the trailer to a weigh station because the BMV requires such information. Then drove it home again.

I called and left a message with the chicken processor because I still did not know when to drop off the meat birds that are scheduled for tomorrow. While we wait to hear back we mowed and cleaned up the fallen branches from the storm on Saturday, filled the pig feeder and did some other miscellaneous farm odds and ends.

broilers.jpgWe find out we need to take the chickens tonight and while moving the truck to load up the birds the breaks go out and we find a leak in the break line.

Which totally complicates the transporting the chickens project.

Cause there is NO way 23 meat birds are going in the back of my Pilot.

So one quick text later the Old Man’s Uncle arrives and makes the drive to the processor with us. I’ll make sure he gets some free chicken out of the deal.

I will say this. While the day was so crazy busy that I feel as if I hardly remember what took place, I do know that our little farm would never be where it is without our family and friends.



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