We woke up this morning to find we had lost a meat bird during the night. They are Cornish Cross birds and I’m told they can get so large they have health problems. Not “I can’t eat you” health problems but “I’m so big and wonderfully fat my skinny little legs won’t hold me up or my heart can’t keep up with my size” health problems. Which makes me a little nervous. Are they gonna make it to the processor on Tuesday?

We looked at a livestock trailer today. We could have gotten it for a song. It definitely needed new flooring, new tires and new wiring and a serious paint job. None of which scares us. But it did have quite a bit of rust. Which does. So off we go Monday to check out another possibility. It’s much farther away, and the price is reasonable if there is room for negotiations. For both reasons I hope it works out–I’d hate to make the long drive and come back empty handed and there really isn’t much out there in this price range. This trailer is a huge piece of our farming puzzle and once in place you’ll hear a long sigh of relief from this citykid!


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