So let’s talk about barnyard smells.

Much like the toddler learns the animal names and their corresponding sounds, this citykid has added to her barnyard repertoire the smell of the most common farm animals.

Impressive. I know.

In fact, while arriving at a girlfriend’s farm this evening who has been adding to her menagerie of farm animals, I could identify by sent the most recent addition to the farm immediately upon exiting my Honda. (Much like I can tell the services a salon offers by the sent when I walk through the door. Aromatherapy, color, acrylic nails, permanent wave, tanning, etc, etc. But that’s an entirely different story.) It wasn’t strong or offensive by any means, and my lesser-trained friends called it “farmy” but I could detect just the smallest thread of something new and I knew exactly what it was.

So let me give you the run down.


Pigs–sharp and strong human body odor

Cows–sweet manure mixed with straw

Meat birds–sweet, but not in a good way

Rabbit–hard to describe but can be really stinky

Bully goats–this one I have no experience with but I’m told it’s so awful I just assume I’ll know it when I smell it

This week it’s been cool enough we’ve had a few days with open windows. And of course the breeze blew just right to bring in the sharp scent of the pigs and their lovely wallow hole. I really could do without it. (And our sincerest apologies to the neighbors.)

The cows, on the other hand, have the most preferred odor, in my opinion.

I’m not saying I want a candle of it (the scent of which would be called “country fair cow barn” I’m sure), but I do love it that our barn now has that distinctive sweet manure, straw infused aroma.

I love it because it means that now cows live here too!


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