The barn is wired and electricity hooked up! Electricity in the barn–what a spoiled farmgirl I am! Now we need to select a light for the exterior of the barn and wire a couple of outlets and we are all set. No more extension wire stung across the yard. Not at all the ideal, but it did get us through.

The left half of the chicken coop has been cleaned and the turkeys moved from the brooder. They’ll stay here a few more weeks then move to the pasture in the chicken tractor.

Tonight I walked from the house to the barn and thought to myself, What have we done here? I did a quick count and we have 90 animals currently on our little hobby farm. Ninety. Now that’s a temporary number, but still. That’s a lot for a citykid to be responsible for, don’t ya think?


2 thoughts on “8.22.2016 — electricity in the barn & what have we started here?

  1. At our old place, we had cords going to the coops for electricity. I had fairy lights going during winter time, more for me to see wth I was doing before and after work times.

    Counting how many mouths you have to feed and take care of is a great pat on the shoulder and a job well done! 🙂 a silent reward

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    1. Oh, fairy lights I didn’t think about that! Maybe I need an outlet for some lights around the chicken run?! We are just a good work day away from no more electrical cords! And our new exterior barn light arrived so we can light up the front of the barn and driveway. You know, for safety reasons. 😉

      And, thank you! It is a group effort for sure! (I’m still counting down the days to a quieter fall!)

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