The pigs are finally on pasture. Did you hear my sigh of relief?

Honestly, the pigs are so much more work then I remember. Granted we have never had this many before and we had them on concrete and the pen never flooded.

This time around they continue to create a fair amount of trouble. Issues we’ll have to work out before we raise pigs again.

The water nipples drip so much they create moisture and any moisture just calls out to the pigs to wallow and root. I know, we were supposed to switch them out for the cup waterers. But we haven’t had the time so now there is quite a large, muddy wallow hole at the base of the water nipples. Do we pour a concrete pad in this area. And how would we have it drain?

The Old Man built a feeder with a lid that had two springs attached to make it easier to open. They have successfully dismantled both springs and which are now lost in the abyss of the wallow hole never to be seen again.

They spend so much time wallowing in mud and dragging that mud back into the pig house then rooting till their hearts  content that the pig house is no longer what I would call dry. Do we pour a concrete pad here too? Again where will it drain?

And with all their rooting and wallowing I’m curious to see how quickly they graze down this additional pasture. At some point we’ll need to purchase some electric fencing that is more mobile and allows us to move them on before they eat down the area entirely.

I’m not sure what the answer is. I’m too tired at this point to even pretend I’m thinking reasonably.

Maybe we raise pigs every other year? Maybe we don’t raise as many. Maybe once we get the infrastructure set up and the bugs worked out it won’t be the constant and difficult work that it has been this year. Maybe I never want to see another pig as long as I live?

From where I sit now, it could go either way.


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