I’m a messy painter. Really. Messy.

I must wear painting clothes. I should never, ever, ever wear my daughter’s favorite hoody even if I’m only gonna have the brush out for a just sec to do a little touch up.

A little project can leave its mark on my hands, elbows, arms, and even hair for days, especially when I use oil based paint –of which I felt this ceiling fan required. Black, farm implement, oil based paint, no less. It was just the thing to transform it’s showy 1960’s gold, yellow fluted glass, and laminate blades to farmhouse industrial!

Now I love oil based farm implement paint for its durability, coverage, and industrial look. But I don’t love what it does to my hands. And I hate even more using mineral spirits to clean it off. Soaking my skin in that smelly, icky, chemically stuff can’t be healthy.

Somewhere between my kids science lessons and a blog post I read on removing makeup, I remembered that oil breaks down oil and it occurred to me. This is oil based paint. If coconut oil will remove my mascara, maybe it can remove this nasty stuff.

I’ll tell ya what. It worked better than anything I’ve ever tried, with little effort and it’s all natural. With the added benefit of super soft skin at the end. Perfect.


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