Today ended with me questioning why we do what we do and wondering two things:

1. Is clean, responsibly raised, antibiotic and homone free, local meat worth it?


2. How on earth does anyone make a living farming?

One unexpected natural event, like too much rain in August, and everything can change so quickly. I certainly gain more and more repect for farmers the longer we do this.

The pig pen is basically flooded so we spent the entire afternoon and several trips to the hardware store putting up field fence with electric to move them on pasture.

Like I said before, this was always the plan. Pasture fed pork and beef and chicken and turkey. But because of time due to the rainy spring and delayed work on the barn, we put them in what we intended to be the garden. With the goal of getting them on pasture next year.

We never dreamed we’d get so much rain in August. And the pen would flood. Maybe if we had more experience we would have considered it.
But we didn’t.

So we spect a day scrambling putting in field fence on the portion of the pasture and getting it ready to wire for electricity.

Turns out we put the T posts in backwards  so the clips holding the wire would be on the outside instead of the inside of the fence.

If we had more experience we would have considered this.

But we don’t.

So we didn’t.

Next time we will.


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