I’m not sure how much more rain our little farm can take. Especially the pig pen. There is ample room for the number of pigs but the amount of rain has made the space a muddy mess. Who would have thought August would bring us this challenge.

It was always our intention to get the pigs out on pasture and now that goal has been moved up to, you know, yesterday. Which is tricky cause the Old Man has a day job. We’re looking at options and hope to have them moved out in the pasture by this weekend. It does give me a fair amount of anxiety until I know they are all settled in the very best possible situation we can provide for them. And that has always been the pasture.

Now at the very same time the turkeys are about to outgrow the brooder and half the chicken coop needs to be cleaned for them while they wait for their turn in the chicken tractor. In our inexperience we have timed the turkeys and meat birds poorly and now everything needs to be done at once.

On a side note, my middle daughter and I have been bonding with the cows. I keep repeating, “cows are food, not friends.” Oh but can’t they be friends, too?! My youngest keeps her distance cause she doesn’t want to be heart broken when they leave. Even I laugh at our citykid antics.


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