new calves.jpgThe new babies have settled in quite naturally. I love to listen to their mooing. They stick pretty close together usually standing side by side and the kids have earned their trust enough that they will come up to check you out and lick your hand or pants or shoes any maybe see if you’re stashing any grass. They are funny how they stand at the gate and appear to look longingly at the grass just out of reach. I guess to a cow the grass is really greener on the other side. They also hang out at the gate between their pen and the pigs, looking nose to nose at one of the pigs who likes to hang out at the gate. Cute.

The Old Man worked on the barn electricity. And I gathered a whole basket full of rainy day eggs which is never pleasant and means I’ll have to wash them before I sell them which I prefer not to do because I don’t like to remove the protective bloom God designed to protect the egg from bacteria etc. But who wants to buy a carton of dirty eggs? So wash them I must and wash them I will. We’ve needed the rain so badly that I feel ungrateful in grumbling about all the muddy mess it makes on a farm. The farm I love. The dirt, not so much.


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