The hog butchering went well. Of course we always learn something each time. This time included.

One thing we have learned is how to move a hog from one location to another without too much commotion, which is helpful. We also learned a few things not to do but I’ll save enumerating those for another longer post.

The remaining pigs will go from free feeding to being fed a certain amount twice a day in an effort to slow their growth a bit and keep them an appropriate size when it’s time to take them to the butcher. It will be a bit more labor intensive during my morning chores but I think I can manage it on my own while the Old Man is at work. In a week or so we put them back on free feeding.

I feel a great deal of responsibility for our animals and want everything about their care to be healthy, humane, good for the environment, and in consideration of the best care of the animal. I want everything from the way we feed and water the animals, to the way we move them from one location to another, to the pens that we keep them in, to the way they are put down, to be handled in the most responsible and respectful way possible. And we endeavor to partner with others that take the same care as we do–those we buy our animals from and those that process our animals when the time comes.


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