I have a longstanding theory about color preferences–one is either a green person or a blue person. There are those rare and exceptional people that like both, but I have always preferred greens over blue. And if and when I choose a blue it’s gonna lean heavy on the green side, like turquoise, which really isn’t blue anymore.

My husband, on the other hand, is a blue person. Thus the original blue in our barn quilt. In the house I use a heavy application of neutrals cause that makes us both happy. And well, I sprinkle in a touch of turquoise and green when he’s not looking.

Now, God love my husband! I lived with the blue on the barn quilt for nearly a year and I was most likely going to stick with it. Until he and his dad brought home green farm gates for the barnyard–which was when I started talking about changing the blue on the barn quilt to green. And painting the screen door on the house green to match. Oh, and maybe that old wooden bench on the patio.

And because he loves me and cares about my mental stability (I just can’t abide green gates and blue on the barn door) he not only agreed to the green, but let me pick my very favorite shade which he fondly calls “grandma green”. Really it’s a lovely mossy shade, but it’s not any fun without a bit of teasing, right?

So this week I pulled out that green paint and painted over the blue on the barn door. Of course I then had to change the gray to alternating triangles of black and white to finish it off. Now all is right with the world. Well, nearly all.signature


2 thoughts on “green or blue?

  1. Green is my second favorite color (after burgundy)!! I may take this idea and run with it as we are in the process of getting a new barn built! Oh I’m getting a tiny bit excited now lol

    Great ‘grandma green’s color – the quilt looks really pretty! Green gates would have been my first choice to, but lovely fence guy had none to give me :s and the expense to change them from blue to green might not be worth right now.


    1. Oh, you must have a quilt square on your barn! What makes me a little crazy about the gates is they are different colors depending on the size and where you get them. I thought about painting ours blue but I doubt the paint would wear well and it seems like a bigger pain to paint those than the door. The blue gates are a nice shade of blue, I could have totally lived with it. Can’t wait to see your barn!


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