When the chickens need something (i.e. they are out of feed or water)  I’ll know because a mob of chickens will rush the fence when I walk toward the barn. They will watch my every move and follow me wherever I go until I supply what is lacking. This morning the 30 gallon waterer that we just set up was bone dry. Hubby filled that thing last night. To the rim. So it either has a leak that I did not detect or those chickens drink way more that I thought. Hubby refilled it tonight so we’ll watch  more closely tomorrow and see what we learn.

On a side not, the Old Man explained while raising the chicks water and feed up onto small wooden blocks, that their water and feed container need to be higher than their bum, for obvious reasons. Seems I should have intuitively gotten that but this city kid needed it pointed out. Now I know. And you do too. You’re welcome.


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