It’s hard to gather my thoughts tonight. Monday has become our weekly “business meeting” and work day. I enjoy our morning ritual of sitting down to tea and coffee with the Old Man to take stock of what we’ve accomplished and look ahead to what is next and plan the day’s work. Usually I feel focused and energized by this morning meeting, but tonight I’m left a little overwhelmed by all that is left to accomplish and the many, many steps that separate us from where we stand and our vision of a family farm that raises heritage breed livestock in a clean and humane environment–with Hubby retired from his day job and farming full time.

Monday means a farm work day as well and a trip to town for some little this or that. Today’s supply run included an electrical panel, circuit breakers, wood chips for the brooder, two feed buckets (cause the pigs are going to be put “on hold” next week) and a thermometer so we can more accurately gauge the brooder temperature. Hubby also glued the PVC for the chicken waterer, added rails to the barn yard fence and put in a gate. It’s beautiful and I can’t wait to fill it with cattle!


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