Today I managed to spill almost the whole waterer in the chick brooder. Which made my simple job of changing out the paper towels, giving fresh water and filling their feeder into a 20 minute project. Still I was able to do my work with a happy heart and so thankful that God has blessed us with a roof over my head (i.e. The barn), easy access to water (from that beautiful water pump over by the window), and a brooder box on legs (so I don’t have to climb into the coop or nearly step on the chicks to tend to them). We also scheduled the processor for the turkeys and the pigs. We didn’t get the exact dates we wanted but still I think it will work out fine. Next year we need to schedule earlier. Now to move on to how to transport the pigs. We either need to purchase a trailer or find a service that will transport them for us. Purchasing a trailer would be the best in the long run. Praying we can find the right trailer for the right price at the right time.


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