We’ve been using a nipple system to get water to the pigs. The water comes from a barrel and through a hose which attaches to a stainless steal nipple though the hole in the fence. It works great in that the pigs can’t walk around in their water, bathe in it, pee and poo in it, or tip it over.

But it drips water constantly. And they learn how to hold the nipples open so water just runs and creates a huge muddy mess they then wallow in. Which creates a muddy trench at the bass of the fence line.

We tried to fill the trench with gravel.

It didn’t work. They rooted it up, spread it around, tried chewing on the rocks, then  went back to spilling water and wallowing.

So we swallowed our pride and ordered the cup waterers that should keep water from constantly running and slow down the mess making. The added benefit, I won’t have to fill the huge water barrel every 5 seconds.signature

Lesson learned:

  1. Where pigs can make a mess, they will.
  2. Just get the cup waterers, even if they are more expensive.
  3. Maybe even pour a concrete pad under the watering site to help keep it from becoming a total mud hole.

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