Back in April I posted about our farm plans and what needed to be completed this year, specifically in the coming months, in order to be ready for the pigs and the turkeys (and potentially cows).

Wait, I never mentioned the goats. Maybe a couple of those too. But that’s it. Chickens, pigs, turkeys, goats and cows. Well, maybe a puppy. But then that’s it. Really. That’s it, y’all.

The pigs are here and all settled. It always seems there are some little things that need monitored after moving them. Number 2 had a concerning cough, #11 had a limp in his back right leg, and #6 spent a little time in our triage pen for a wound on her back until we could get her healed up. Everyone has been treated and is mended and healthy and we’re on our way. I learn something new with every year of raising pigs. With 12 pigs this year, I’m learning a lot!

For one, I’m a total spaz when it comes to tending to each animal and making sure all is well. Now that we’ve got them all settled in I wouldn’t say I’ve totally relaxed, but I enjoy taking care of them more than I fret over them. I’ve stopped counting them and hurrying out in the morning to check on them. And I no longer fear a phone call from the kids while running errands that All. Of. The. Pigs. Are. Out. (Seriously. This happened).

Still I’ll be ready for them to go in the fall when the time comes, no matter how happy they seem to be when they see me, or how hysterical they are playing in the sprinkler, or how cute their hairy little snouts are when they look up at me. They’re growing bacon and I keep reminding myself of this.

So, back to our list… We’ve made good progress and I’m pleased thus far. When farming isn’t your day job, and you were raised in the city, you’re happy with the small, baby-step victories.

  • build the wood shed
  • build the hay loft
  • move the hay into the loft
  • finish setting the posts and building barnyard fence
  • build the stalls inside the barn
  • clean out the barn
  • build a feeding/watering system for the pigs
  • build summer time waterer for the chickens
  • build a pasture tractor for the turkeys
  • build a brooder for chicks and turkeys

This week our contractor is coming to:

  • level the barnyard
  • improve the drainage around the barn
  • run electric and water to the barn
  • re-do the drive to the house and barn

And our wish list:

  • fence the front right portion of the pasture
  • add two goats for brush control
  • get cows!
  • think about how awesome a puppy would be

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