A record of our farming exploits this first week of May, 2016…

The lilacs bloomed but made a pretty disappointing show of it. The peonies which we transplanted from Grandma’s farm last fall have a good start on them and I can’t wait to see if they bud and what color they bloom. We were able to get a few perrinials in the ground around the lilac bed–some hostas, phlox and purple irises. After 4 years in a rental and taking the first three years in this house to get the farm started, I’m thrilled to have a flower bed again. I don’t consider myself much of a gardener but I do love watching over each flower, shrub, and tree as they sprout and bloom in the spring. Their little botanical lives have been entrusted to me and I owe it to them to be sure they reemerge safe and sound into the world after a cold, long winter.

The rainy season has left us scrambling to get the barnyard ready for the pigs which are scheduled to come next week. Due to the rain, our contractor has not been able to get the water and electric run or the drainage and grading done so we’re fixing a temporary home for the pigs in the future garden bed. The boys are putting in the last posts today and we’ll need a temporary rain shelter plus a waterer and feeder. I can’t say I’m looking forward to hauling the water from the cellar to the pig pen, but it’s only for a week or two so this farm girl is gonna have to tough it out.

And with the introduction of an actual flower bed sporting real, live perrinials I’d like to keep, we’ve spent more time than we wanted trying to convince the chickens to stay in their run. Nothing will scatter my carefully concocted compost and kill my lovingly planted flowers faster than a bunch of rogue chickens. A five foot fence wasn’t high enough so we added a”roof” of deer netting over most of the run. I know you enjoyed free-ranging, but no more hopping the fence, ladies!

After the contractors come in the next couple of weeks we’ll have one more round of tasks to complete in the barn setting up stalls and grading the flooring. After that will be a brooder to start the turkeys and a tractor to raise them out in the pasture. Finally we’ll need to purchase a trailer to transport the pigs to the butcher in October and consider how much of the pasture we can manage to fence in preparation for the cows!

Baby steps!


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