Things are about to happen. After a winter of planning and waiting, things are about to move.

I’m about to become a pig farmer (again).

I use the pronoun “I” because the boys do the planning, design, prep work, building, heavy lifting, and occasionally icky stuff that comes with tending livestock.

Then they go to work their day job.

That leaves me here to do the daily feeding, watering, tending and looking out for the animals. I also function as the trouble shooter, triage nurse, and forecaster of needs… The daily eyes and ears making sure everyone is healthy, happy, well-fed and watered.

But I’m being a little facetious here. In all reality, it does take a team. We couldn’t have the animals here at all without the boy’s hard work building, preparing, and planning. And it’d be quite a feat for dear hubby to work his day job and do the daily farm chores.

I will say this about our entire experience thus far… it is one thing to dream about a someday farming life from the confines of the suburbs and quite another to actually be here doing it. While dreaming we could neither fail or succeed. So here is were the “rubber meets the road” so to speak, and our dreams take on hands and feet and become action! All of us in it together doing what it is we do best.

This week we (and by “we” I mean my hubby, his dad and our 10-year-old son) hope to make a dent in our lengthy to-do list:

  • build the wood shed
  • build the hay loft
  • move the hay into the loft
  • finish setting the posts and building barnyard fence
  • build the stalls inside the barn
  • clear out the barn
  • build a feeding/watering system for the pigs and a summer time waterer for the chickens

Later this month a contractor is coming to:

  • level the barnyard
  • improve the drainage around the barn
  • run electric and water to the barn
  • re-do the drive to the house, barn and cattle grate

Then, Lord willing, we’ll be ready for our newest babies… the piggies.

Oh, did I mention the turkeys?


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