On our small hobby farm the colder months of winter shifts our focus from the out-of-door chores to what we’ve put off (or down right ignored) indoors. Traditionally we’ve taken the time to get down to business with our homeschooling. As the kids mature and become more independent in their studies, we’ve been able to complete some indoor projects around the house.

Last year we gutted the bathroom down to the studs.

This year we’re finishing up odds and ends that we’ve put off or left undone.

That bathroom remodel one year ago? I never ordered the eye bolts to put the handles on the lower drawer. The right handle’s been dangling by one bolt. I never put the left one on. Silly! But it’s been bugging me for nearly a year. So I finally ordered them, got those handles properly affixed, and, joy of joys, I can now open the drawer with ease. Seriously. How hard was that?

I also painted the upper cabinets with my favorite shade of Old White, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and gave them a nice protective layer of wax. After my experiment of painting the lowers in Graphite and how beautifully they wear with all the dog, boy, and farming nonsense going on I knew eventually I’d get to the uppers. Nothing compares to the texture and sheen.

Which afforded the opportunity to remove everything from the open cabinet, clean it all and re-style them. Love.

While I was in the kitchen I painted the trim and plaster repair from the sliding glass door replacement 6 months prior. I can’t quite call that project complete because I still need to paint the exterior trim.

Ah, a project for a warmer day. I was starting to think I’d run out of things to do.

Not to worry. That will never happen in this house! I’ll be dragging my old bones up a ladder, digging out another tree stump, emptying, painting and re-styling yet one more room, or begging Dear Husband to agree to one last project, to tidy up just a few more odds and ends.


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