What happened this week on the farm?


Absolutely nothing.

The cold weather has stop all work on the barn yard.

And I had plans to re-finish the steps.

I got out the palm sander, sanding paper, five and one, pliers, extension cord, and the task light (which clicked off the moment I plugged it in). I prepped all the steps. I did some experimental sanding and then recalled, I should test this paint for lead. Which required a trip to the hardware store.

Sadly, the paint on the treads is lead based paint (1850’s house, you kinda figure, right?). So I won’t be sanding them down to stain.

A day wasted and not only that I’m bummed that I won’t be staining the treads.

Instead, I’ll opt for plan B.

Painted risers and treads.

Not my first preference. But I’ve seen some beautiful examples of painted steps. Maybe I’ll add a runner to make it easier for our Great Dane to go up and down them?

Now I’m thinking a near black like our back door and lower kitchen cabinets. Only a wall separates the steps and the kitchen so they are both seen together. And I do love the cabinets, their patina and how they age and how they are the perfect sheen. But I painted those with chalk paint. Am I committed enough to paint–AND WAX-fourteen steps?

It wouldn’t be so bad, really. Quick drying time. No sanding, no priming. We’d be walking on them in a day or two. And oh how they’ll wear! They’d be so lovely!

So instead of getting anything done. I made a mess, potentially broke our task light, drove to town and home again, did my first ever lead paint test, moped about a bit, and finally cleaned up my mess. And what am I left with? Having to completely rethink the project and a sink full of dishes still waiting on me to give them their due attention.

All in all, I guess I can’t say nothing happened this week. Plenty happened. Just nothing accomplished.

Lesson learned: know what you’re dealing with before getting out all the supplies and tools for a project. Test for lead paint first (for heaven’s sake). Your 1850’s house is gonna have lead paint.


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