I failed to plan for a toilet paper holder when I designed our bathroom makeover.

Well. I didn’t totally fail to plan. I just had a certain Pinterest pic stuck in my mind and refused to consider a standard option as we were shopping.

I would look at them each one by one. Hubby would say, what about this? But the traditional options,  they were just too expensive and conventional. Just, not right.

You see, I wanted a tree branch for my toilet paper holder like this….

vrijdagvrij: Herfst:
What I envisioned…. (source)
And since dear hubby did not share my vision, and I felt I needed some of his technical expertise to execute the project, we did nothing and I put off buying a TP holder until we were totally out of funds and had no other option but to keep it on the floor.

And you know that just won’t do.

Still, we lived with the toilet paper on the floor method until company came to visit. And I did what any girl would do: rush out to the brush pile that morning with a pair of work gloves, a small hand saw and an over-confident amount of determination. Because, I was on my own here. I cut, drilled, screwed and for the cost of two screws found in my hubby’s stash and a little bit of time –I did it! Most of my go-it-alone projects fail miserably. But this one has held up beautifully, if I do say so myself. And gave me the look I was determined to have. 


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