I  didn’t anticipate this week being very productive on the farm.

We did however take dear hubby’s barnyard plans and order the supplies to put up the pens and gates inside and around the exterior of the barn.

The boys ventured to the store in the cold rain to place the order and the supplies were delivered Tuesday. Work begins Saturday if the weather cooperates because, you may have heard…

COWS are COMING in 2016!

I must admit I’m nervous and am feeling the need to:

1) read up on cows via blogs and our go-to books on livestock

2) talk to everyone I know who knows anything about cows, and

3) stifle a small panic attack.

in other farm news

The hens have begun laying after the weasel incident of 2015 and we’re in the egg game again! I’ll never get tired of these beautiful eggs! Although I didn’t get the mix of hens that would give me chocolate brown eggs I am quite pleased with the color range this time around.

Finally, what I have affectionately termed as MOUSEcapades has resumed for the season. Two sightings. Plus evidence discovered in the island cabinet and in the oven mitt drawer where I found the thumb of my favorite oven mitt had been nibbled away. Commence the campaign to bring the barn cats indoors by the kiddos and the strategic settings of traps.

Aw the joys of winter in a farm house.



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