A cord and a half of wood stacked on the porch. It won’t take us through the entire winter, but it’s a good start.

I woke up this morning to the wind whistling through the porch windows, making the pine branches wave, beating against the house. The temp is a balmy 57 for December in Ohio but expected to drop which means fire in the front of the house will need to be started and kept going thoroughout the day. No more warming up the house in the morning and letting the fire die down but still being quite warm into the evening.

I love heating the house with wood. I love the work and the stacking of wood and the resulting sore muscles. I love the mess, ashes and soot carried out in the bucket, and realizing my hoodie smells of smoke and when I go out for the day. I love the frugality and thrift of wood over propane and electric and that I can warm my family even if the power is out. Most of all, I love being warm–really, truly warm–not just on the edges, but all the way through down to the middle warm!


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