Because my husband spoils me (seriously spoils me) he made it a priority to tackle our first floor bathroom renovation. It is the first major project we’ve done in the house and the first time we’ve taken a room down to the studs.

Before I show you the after photos, let us take a a little tour of the before so you can live it with me. I mean, who wouldn’t want to share this bathroom with the world? Well, I would. Only because the after was so worth the wait!

The Before, in all it’s 1980’s glory…

Well, talk about good bones, this bathroom is uncommonly large with a nice big window, original hardwood floors and a clawfoot tub. The closet with the louvered doors holds the mechanicals that run to the second floor bath room. It was awkward and dirty and dusty and at one point I was convinced it housed bats. The claw foot tub (that I always wanted) sits to the left when you walk in.To the right of that closet is the toilet and the sink. Yes, you could wash your hands while sitting on the potty, if you were so inclined.To the right of the toilet was a large-ish closet (for an old farmhouse) tucked under the stairs and the washer/dryer. Prior to moving in we widened the closet to hold our stacked washer/dryer, which freed up quite a bit of floor space. We lived with it this way for almost two years (floral wall paper and cozy toilet/sink arrangement and all) making plans!We took the entire room down to the studs to be sure the wiring and plumbing were done correctly and to insulate the outside wall. I can honestly say that when you’re hip-deep in lath and plaster you question your sanity and resolve. We planned a week to complete this project which we knew was ambitious but that’s all hubby had off from work. We spent half of it in the demo phase. Lesson learned. If it weren’t for the kids I think we’d have shut and locked the door and left a room filled with lath and plaster.

And the finished product…

From the entry doorway looking in… we still have the mechanicals closet but gave it a proper door so I have a bit of storage now as well and, miracle of miracles, a home for the vacuum cleaner! The toilet stayed in the same place.
The tub also stayed in the same place. We added the chandelier from the hallway and a barn beam from the old barn as a shelf.The toilet still to the right of the closet… minus the sink.

And that closet with my stacked washer and dryer tucked under the steps.Finally, we turned my Great Aunt Dorothy’s dresser into a sink.And one last pic looking back at the entry door.I’ll share some later about our budget, my thought process in putting it all together, and what I have planned next. And by special request… the toilet paper holder.


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