I finally found a furniture arrangement that I love for the living room. 

It all started with this adorable corner cabinet that my sister gifted to me from the quilt shop. I rescued it from the parking lot and an uncertain future. I love hand-me-downs! My fabulous BIL help me load it into the back of my mini-van (not the strangest thing I’ve ever hauled in the back of my Honda but certainly a lot less stinky and much cleaner).
I painted it a custom mix of Annie Sloan Graphite and Old White with a touch of Coco for good measure. I gave it a protective coat of clear wax but I didn’t distress this one. It just didn’t feel like it wanted to be distressed. 
I loaded it full of my milk glass collection that belonged to three of our “Ruth’s” (my mother, her mother, and my hubby’s grandmother). I added some old silver from past projects and grandma’s farm house. 
And lined the back of one shelf with the table numbers I designed for a wedding (made from shaker shingles from a local barn).
Thus begins the furniture shuffle.
I shifted everything to an angle and created the perfect cozy conversation area. We sit with the kids, feet all propped up, and talk about whatever is on their hearts. We curl up on the sofa with a book and a puppy. We congregate here while waiting to leave the house for an outing. We catch up with family at gatherings and warm up next to the fire in the winter.

An arrangement that I just love!

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