I decided that if I wait for everything to be perfect then I’ll never get anywhere.

Thus I’ve taken up blogging again. However imperfect it may be.

I readily acknowledge that the layout is a mess and I haven’t been able to create a header that I like. As for color, I just opted for black and white cause it seemed easy. I’d like some cute side bar buttons to go with that perfect header. And a custom blend of fonts. Maybe some great info-graphics that you just can’t resist pinning. And you’d always know it was mine because I’d chosen my branding so well.

I kept thinking I’d find the time to get it just right before I really put myself out there. But I like blogging and I miss it. 

And waiting for perfect is a long wait.

So what if I stopped waiting? What if I started doing what I love and working towards my goals even if it’s not perfect? What if I accepted good enough as just that and began moving forward? 

It’s fitting if I think about it. My un-constructed blog reflects the evolution my life from city kid to farm girl. Little bits at a time. I have crazy ideas and wild aspirations and huge dreams. If I waited until I knew it all and had it all perfectly so, I’d never move from the spot in which I stand. That’s just too much of a leap from here to there.

So this is me. Right where I am. Raw and (slightly) unedited. Good enough. For now.

Is there something you’ve been putting off 
because you know it won’t be perfect?


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