Did I tell you about our run-in with The Weasel this summer?

True story.
We lost over 60 chickens to a weasel this summer. All in one week. Both pullets and layers.
It’s embarrassing to say. And I’m a bit heartbroken.
These weren’t just any pullets.
They were handselected for their breed and specifically for the color of eggs they would lay.

Have you seen this pic? Probably not if you don’t stalk chicken breeds like I do. Or, if you’re normal, than not at all. I couldn’t wait to get our first chocolate brown egg!

We choose a variety of birds that would give us a full range of color, from chocolate brown to red specked to blue/green, tans and even white.

Now this isn’t our first flock of birds. We’ve been raising chickens and producing eggs for 6 years without so much as a hiccup. So I thought we were ready for such a special assembly.
Not so much. Cause when a weasel comes to pay a visit he’ll find the weakness in your coup. And here’s the thing. My Old Man had that coup locked down tight. Every inch was enclosed and he even gave me doors on a pulley system so I don’t have to enter the run to close them at night. 
But the weakness in our system, thank you Mr. Weasel for pointing this out to us, those tricky guys can fit through chicken wire.
Yep. Right through these little octagon holes.
So we learned a costly lesson. Covered every square inch in 1/2″ hardware cloth and ordered new chicks. 
In the end we have the same old chicken breeds we’ve always had and the same shades of egg color.
One thing’s for sure, they’ll still taste just a good!

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