In an old house it’s truer than ever…

one thing leads to another
You gut the bathroom and find a joist had been cut to make room for the shower plumbing in the upsatirs bathroom. After finding the appropriate board in your stash (you actually had one), you begin to repair the joist, but first you need to move the plumbing. Before you do that you need an unexpected trip into town to visit the hardware store. Which really isn’t that unexpected. You knew it would happen eventually cause you live way out in the boonies and you never know what a 150-year-old house is going throw at you. While you’re out you remember the kids will want to eat lunch (again) and you’re short on groceries because you spent the last week gutting the bathroom to begin with. Oh, and by the way, we need more cat food.
And so it goes.
Now I can’t say this little project will demand quite as much as the bathroom remodel. But it did start something I’m really not in control of.

This is the hall just off the bathroom. That door leads to the study. To my left is the dining room. To my right, the staircase. Behind me the kitchen.

Homes built in 1850 aren’t known for their closets. We have no closets on the first floor. No entry. No pantry. No linen. None. 
Well, wait. There is that little “accidental” closet on the back porch that holds our shoes but we’ll come back to that another day.
So, the hallway. 
Dear husband installed a piece of trim (ie a 1×12) and a nice long row of hooks. Not just any hooks. The kind with three prongs so we can accommodate the accoutrements that accompany a six-person family and their guests. The holds-all-kinds-off-awesome-stuff hooks.
This hall is tucked away out of sight from the back entry but close enough to be practical. It has become our entry closet. 
What’s not brilliant is the attractiveness of the space.
The hook board has been left unpainted for two years and the plaster may have never been painted. Wallpapered and then stripped of its paper, yes. But definitely not painted.
Out of shear summer boredom, my daughter was wandering around the house begging me for something to paint. I know, that’s a little weird. But it’s what we do here so what can I say?
We decided on the hook board.
She removed the hooks and painted the board with Annie Sloan in Old White.


Now the walls look twice as terrible.
The trim needs painted. 
Of course I used up all the trim paint on the bathroom project.
And the steps need sanded and stained. 
But first I’d need to order a new part for the orbital sander.
And, I should paint the trim along the stairs if I’m going to restain the steps.
And where do I stop painting the walls? 
Do I really want to paint the two story stairway?
First I need to patch the hole midway up.
Which is why you’ll see partially finished projects in my home. Possibly for years as a time.
Eventually I’ll get it finished. 
Cause it’s true. One thing does lead to another.

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