We are very slow farmers. Very, very slow. Because my hubby works a full time job and I homeschool four kiddos and because us city kids really have no idea what we are doing, the farm side of life moves at a snails pace. We have been able to keep our chickens throughout the move so I won’t have to make my kiddos eat store bought eggs, which my daughter tells me is just plain mean.

But we’ve had to baby step our way back to raising pigs. The dream of beef cattle and meat chickens awaits while we get things in order. First up: the barn!
This is what the barn looked like when we purchased the property. Seriously, we bought this. The inside is much more horrifying than the outside.
That fall we rebuilt the left portion of the barn to house our chickens. We knew the right side would need to be torn down and, being the part-time, DIY “farmers” that we are, there wouldn’t be time or money in the budget for a complete rebuild before winter.

The following year we were super blessed to be able to demo and rebuild the remaining portion of the barn. After we pulled it down, there was this overwhelming sinking feeling that this is NEVER. GOING. TO. BE. OKAY. While I’d consider us “handy” folk, we have never built anything of this size before.

This is were the love comes in! We had a barn raising and this amazing group of very talented family and good friends came to help us! They took an overwhelming project that would have taken hubby and I a year of weekends to complete and put it together in a day! Amazing and so blessed!

And here is where it stands one year later….

We had planned to paint the barn this spring but have had to wait out all the rain. It will be black and my hubby constructed an 8 x 8 door so I’d have a place to paint a barn quilt!

The inside awaits stalls. A barn yard is planned. Then pasture fencing and finally we’ll be ready for livestock.

When I look at the barn I remember the process of getting to this place. How it started out as a tentative “if only” and a very hopeful “what if?” I remember the far-off dream of farming, raising clean meat, and feeding people. I think about the people that love us and gather around to help us reach our goals. And God’s gracious, overflowing, pressed down and shaken together blessings.

Barn love!


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