I’ve dreamt of having my own claw foot tub since I was a little girl swirling around in my grandma’s tub. The exotic smell of metal in the well water. The high curved sides with the smooth porcelain finish. The somewhat hollow sound of the water as it falls from the faucet and hits the cast iron. The way it sat like a piece of furniture in the room.

It had presence.



Silly as it may be, a claw foot made the top five items on my wish list when we were looking for a house. I came late to the showing with the realitor. I wouldn’t let anyone tell me a thing about the house on the phone as I drove to meet the rest of the family.
But you already know the first thing I asked when I stepped in the door…
Is there a claw foot tub?

Yes. Yes there is.

Since then, it has come to my attention that I have spent the better half of my adult life trying to recreate my grandparents farmhouse.

And a proper farmhouse deserves a proper claw foot.

Most definitely.


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