Saturday I mixed some color options for the kitchen cabinets. I’m working with Annie Sloan Graphite and Old White hoping for a nice mid-range gray. Dear Husband came home to some spotty cabinets and a wife that {can’t make a choice.}

(un-scientific) test swatches

I have it narrowed down to two. Hubby says go with the full strength graphite. 

What to do, what to do?

I’m not a girl that is often left without an opinion. When there is a design choice, I [ALWAYS] know what I want and I utter my constant refrain “Not everyone can have good taste.” That settles it, right? 

Proof: the wagon wheel coffee table scene in the 80’s movie “When Harry Met Sally”? That’s me. Sure that the wagon wheel coffee table is bad taste.


With this, though, I’m not sure. Why am I paralyzed by this choice?

Can’t you just see a nice mid-tone gray on those cabinets? But I want the right gray. Not too beige because there is so much brown with the counter and the floor. 

But not too blue either.

Maybe I should add some Coco to warm it up a bit? 

Or just pick one and go for it.

Or go with hubby’s choice: Graphite.

Or play it safe and paint them Old White.

Or have a party and ask everyone (who actually cares) their opinion. But what if they’re just being nice?

How about you? What do you do when you can’t make a choice?


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