You may have read about my “big step“. 

With hubby’s encouragement, I’ve chosen to paint the kitchen with


We neutralized all that orangey-brown that I inherited (brown floors, brown walls, brown ceiling) with nice, clean white. Living with such a saturated color for over a year worked in his favor to sway me towards white walls and trim. 

And I love it! I didn’t realize how that dark ceiling felt so heavy and pressing.

The week of Thanksgiving dear husband humored me and converted the pantry to a recessed space for the fridge. I could not live with tripping over that fridge one. more. day.

We added the industrial shelving where the fridge used to be, and bought a microwave. So modern!

The shelving gives back much of the storage that I lost with the pantry and we reclaimed some unused space at the top of the cellar steps so I’m able to have all I need tucked away in my 12×12 kitchen.

The lower profile of the shelving and its open design allows me to see through the kitchen into the other rooms. Here’s one last before pic of that fridge sticking out into the room, just to say a final goodbye!

We did a few other little makeovers here and there (chalkboard paint for the fridge and a ceiling fan makeover) that I’ll share in another post. Plus, a clog in the bathroom sink kicked-off the start of the bathroom remodel project a few weeks early. I can’t say that makes me sad, though. And I can’t forget to share about our barn raising last summer!!

For now, I’m off to paint the cabinets. What color to paint them has set off another debate. Even I don’t know yet. I figure I’ll start mixing my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and see what comes of it.


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