I was disappointed to wake up this morning (eager to move on to painting the trim on the back porch) only to find the paint dried blotchy. The walls are grooved panels and after the first coat I went back and brushed the paint into the groves. Sure, it looked blotchy then but after a typical second coat I was hoping the problem would be resolved. It is not. It’s better, but still… uh, let’s say, it is not good. Tonight I’ll try a third coat. 

Given this is the primary entrance to the house I want to get it right. I want it to reflect our personality and that of the house. I want it to be functional for a family of 6 (occasionally 7) and the paraphernalia that occupies them. And I want it to be pleasing to look at. I’ve spent some time thinking this over and planning. 

A blotchy, bad paint job fits not into the vision. But… a rustic potting table and herringbone brick, wellies all lined up, maybe the perfect screen door, and the back door painted black… these ARE part of the vision, to be sure!



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