Today I played cat and mouse with the storm clouds and the laundry on the line–keeping one eye on the rain on the other side of the valley guessing it’s arrival time, and the other eye on the red-crested woodpecker in the black walnut tree.

I would have been faster hanging the laundry if I’d just kept focus on what I was doing. But what fun is there in that? 

In between running the laundry in and out, doing school work with the kids, managing the 8 and 11-year-olds as they cleaned up after dinner, and chasing around an 18-month-old, I put the second coat of paint on the back porch. Thanks to my big girls for helping with the baby!

Almost everyone that comes to the house comes to the back door and this porch is the first thing everyone sees. I tore out the green indoor/outdoor carpet, hubby added some quarter round at the baseboard, and we’re on our way to setting the tone and making a good impression with this first peek into our home. Is that a weird thing to concern oneself with? I don’t want the first impression to be a dirty closet overflowing with shoes, Big Bird yellow paint, and a dumping ground for whatever we’ve carried in from the barn. This really is a beautiful house and the porch has been neglected for too long!


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