Because my sister loves me, she and her husband rescued this discarded dresser for me.

Yes, people who love me give me the trash they find on the side of the road.

And if you really love me (or are just under coercion by your mother like my pour kiddos in the car), you’ll help me hoist and wedge a too-big piece into the back of my mini-van and sit too close to it on the way home while you wonder what could be living inside–cause you’re kinda concerned about how long it’s been sitting there on the side of the road.
This dresser was solid but needed some work and an investment of time. When I got it home I found the top drawers and most of the knobs missing, the laminate chipping and terribly loose in some spots, the drawers bottomed out when you put too much weight in them.

Still, I used it this way for a time until I could give it my full attention. The drawers just needed gluing to set them straight and keep them in line. Gluing takes a great deal of time. Lining things up, getting the glue in the tight little groves and nitches, setting the clamps, cleaning off the excess glue, waiting for it to dry. Then, doing it all over again on the next spot.

And about that chippy veneer on the top edges? Annie Sloan Chalk Paint makes everything OK.

This was my first time gluing loose veneer. There’s a spot in the center of the bottom drawer that I didn’t get glue to and a bit of a wave in the veneer remains.

But this is aged furniture with a past life and I adore that you can see it was used and loved by someone else. I’m totally pleased with how it turned out. 

Why do I love the discarded, trash-picked pieces the most? Maybe because that’s how Jesus loves us… But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us (Romans 5:8). He loves us first when we are the most unlovable–unattractive, chippy, cracked, missing pieces, discarded on the side of the road.

He takes my blemishes and turns them into an opportunity to bring Him glory and praise, to show His strength in my weakness. Like the dresser, with bottoms glued into place, those missing drawers become an opportunity for display, baskets of storage, or a landing place for TV components. What was previously an unusable and void is now useful and full.

I enjoy adding the surprise of opening a drawer to see it beautifully lined. For this piece I choose the pages of a 1930’s Farmer’s Wife magazine. I try to give all my pieces this extra attention. It can be time consuming and sometimes I wonder why I do it. But in the end I’m always pleased. It makes a piece unique and gives it a bit of a custom, hand-made touch that sets it apart from department store furniture. I know it’s beautiful on the inside too.

I didn’t intend for this post about a dresser to become an analogy for God’s saving grace, imperfect as it may be. But I have found myself here and see that this too reminds me of what Christ does for me… changes all of me, my heart, the very insides of me, which makes all the difference.

lessons learned . . . 

  1. Next time I glue laminate I will start with the center and clamp an extra board onto the top in order to apply even, flat pressure to get the wave out of the middle. Then proceed to the edges.
  2. Large over-sized book binder clips make great clamps for the drawer edges!

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14 thoughts on “coco dresser & gluing loose laminate

  1. i love your dresser
    and how you made it your own

    isn't it fun
    when the people we love
    actually get us?

    would love for you to share
    at Fridays Unfolded this week!

    Nancherrow (formerly Stuff and Nonsense)


  2. Yes, they get us and support us and love our little quirks–most of the time, right?!

    Thanks Alison for the comment and the invite!

    Linking up now and following you on pinterest!



  3. Super job! I love the paper lined drawers.
    I have found that when using a board to get even pressure, it's best to cover said board with Painter's tape, to make sure you don't accidentally glue the board to your piece of furniture. 🙂



  4. was beautiful and love the analogy related to our Savior…it was my postcard from Jesus today….! and I too love repurposing furnture…it gives me even more reason to do it….thanks God Bless…lindapoo from wisconsin


  5. Not only a wonderful job on the dresser, but the scripture and thought to go along with it! I am loving that revamped and now lovely dresser. You did a wonderful job on it. That drawer lining is fabulous!Thank you so much for joining my party!


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