We gather the plates,
press the cloths,
add an extra table,
pull up more chairs,
wash the water goblets,
sweep the floors,
count out the silverware
and find…

we’re short one dessert fork.

Now, I don’t know what kids do to the silverware when a mom’s not looking. I’ve found forks and knives and spoons in any manner of odd places. I even found a dirty bowl and fork that had been packed in a box from one of my daughter’s rooms. 

So over the years, considering all the places my silverware has been, I’m thankful for 25 forks.

I’m thankful for four kiddos that carry off my wedding silverware to unknown places.

I’m thankful for the twelve that will sit with me at the table and the one who will be missing a dessert fork.

I’m thankful for the additional family that will come later in the day to visit and play cards and eat warmed-up turkey.

I’m thankful I’ll have to wash more silverware to feed them all.

I’m thankful!


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