I entertain an appreciation for all the light and airy decor that dominates magazines and blogs these days. But when it comes right down to making choices for my home I tend toward neutrals, contrast, and texture…. dark woods, baskets, creamy walls, and a good dose of black. I like my trim painted cream and my floors and doors dark. I love the painted furniture, but I need a healthy dose of wood grain to go with it.

When I bought this buffet my intention was to paint and sell it. Somehow, when we moved, it found its way into a perfect little spot in my dining room. (For the record, dear husband helped me move it.) And suddenly, I can’t seem to find the inspiration to paint it. I added my Grandma’s antique mirrors overhead. Love. It.

The chalkboard can’t stay, however. I have an obsession with chalkboards and sometimes you just need to admit you have a problem. I know they’ve been done every which way–there is nothing new under the sun. Even still, I love them. This one will find its way to my sister’s shop and hopefully a new home.


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