After a few detours this fall, I’m ready to get back to painting. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love the detours God puts in my path! But, I’m also thankful to have some time to re-focus on my family and some good, old-fashioned projects. 

Most of our home improvements have involved putting a lot of money in places where you just can’t see it… septic systems, hot water tanks, well pumps, and the like. Not a lot of fun, but I can appreciate getting those essentials in order!

Now that I have a little more time I can work on my front porch stash which looks more like a hoarders episode than a front porch. I’ve said before that I think best with a paintbrush in my hand. For me, it’s restful and satisfying to take an outcast piece of junk and make it useful and pleasing to the eye. I’m more than ready to try some new colors and combinations. 

Next up is Annie Sloan’s Coco for an antique table and a set of harp back chairs. The seats will get new life with this fabric I picked up at my sister’s store–talk about a stash! I had a hard time making a choice with all the beautiful bolts of fabric but finally settled on this simple medallion print in cream and a soft chocolate brown. I can’t wait to see the pieces all put together! I don’t know if I can love a neutral as much as I love Old White… but if any color could do it, it would be Coco!


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